Frequently Asked Questions

What Spinks Inks are laser safe?

Titan and Quickset are laser safe when using lower heat laser printers. Most modern laser printers generate low heat. To assure that you are laser safe under ALL conditions we recommend Spinks Laser Safe or Permabind.

Does Spinks Ink sell directly to printers?

Spinks is only available only thru an authorized dealer. You can use the dealer locator to find the dealer nearest you. If you are a reseller to the Graphic Arts Market you may apply for a dealership on the new dealer page.

What packaging is Spinks available in?

Most Spinks Inks are available in 1, 2 & 5 pound packaging.

Varnish is available in a 1 and 3 gallon Kits.

Spinks may be able to accommodate other packing needs. Be sure to ask your dealer if you have a special packaging request.

How do I become a Spinks Dealer?

If you are a reseller to the Graphic Arts Market you may apply for a Spinks Ink dealership on the new dealer page. This will be reviewed by our Master Distributors who will make the determination if you qualify for a dealership. You will be subject to all terms and conditions of the Master Distributor.

What is the shelf life of Spinks Inks?

Most Spinks Sheetfed inks are good for 1 to 2 years as long as they have been stored properly and are unopened. Metallics inks are an exception. They are generally usable for approximately 1 year provided they are stored properly and unopened.

Where is Spinks Manufactured?

Spinks Inks are manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Connecticut USA. All Spinks Inks are shipped to and distributed from our Chicago facility. Spinks Ink dealers will stock the majority of products that most printers use.

What Spinks Inks are Coatable?

Several of the Titan and Quickset Process inks are coatable. Check with your dealer to assure coat ability.

How do a get a sample of Spinks Ink?

Simply fill out the sample request form found in the “Products and Information” and follow the instructions.


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