Titan Inks

Titan Inks are state of the art oil based inks. They are formulated for mid to large press application and designed to set and dry quickly. Titan Inks are Laser safe and will deliver very high quality dot reproduction. Titan has become the new industry standard for quality sheetfed printing ink.

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Available in Process, Blacks, Pantone Colors and standard stock colors

The following Pantone Colors are Spinks Standard Colors for our Titan Inks and sold for a lesser price than other Pantone mixes.

  • Pantone 012 Yellow
  • Pantone 021 Orange
  • Pantone 032 Big Apple Red
  • Pantone 072 Great Lakes Blue
  • Pantone 185 Brick Red
  • Pantone 199 Indiana Red
  • Pantone 201 Burgundy
  • Pantone 221 Bordeaux
  • Pantone 286 Lone Star Blue
  • Pantone 288 Royal Blue
  • Pantone 293 Big Surf Blue
  • Pantone 300 Periwinkle Blue
  • Pantone 320 Kentucky Teal
  • Pantone 347 Rain Forest Green
  • Pantone 348 Yosemite Green
  • Pantone 354 Key Lime
  • Pantone 356 Pine Green
  • Pantone 469 Chocolate Brown



**Spinks Inks recommend testing inks for different substrates to assure compatibility maximum performance